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Last week, five people in Sabbatai send evil forces of important power base of one of the Vatican Bank, the most senior cadres, there are four individuals under the new Pope法朗西斯科command was replaced.

According to former CIA Director including intelligence sources said, including many in the Vatican bank, there to G20 dignitaries headed by the world’s politicians and those in power have a lot of bribes account number.
It is said that to date the old power structure, the highest politicians of countries just right into the hands of state, Henry Kissinger and other evil forces Sabbatai send cadres to visit, saying that “if obedient enough, they will Join the world’s most high-end rich club “, and would have saved a huge amount of money in the name of that person’s Vatican bank account to that person. Incidentally, when the same intelligence sources as saying that the amount received by the Prime Minister of Japan to reach 100 billion yen. And, so far, refused to leaders of their requests if, assassination, coup, or even the removal of US military aggression and other forms are common.

But according to rotation of the upper sector of the Vatican Bank, the future results of world power will likely change much.

Also Chinese army mobilized more than 10 million large-scale military exercises along the border of North Korea launched at the same time, there are rumors that US and South Korean troops will be in February – is intended to implement the North Korean military cooperation between the US and South Korea in March training policy. It is said the continued internal pressure North Korea to clean up, and as the future strategy and tactics of a ring.

News of the Chinese government, said, “Last week, it seems that North Korea has been executed have a close relationship with China’s two government cadres.” The incident made him feel unhappy.The same sources as saying that North Korea’s internal cleaning will continue in the future.

And also as in Japan, North Koreans and Israelis cleaning agents have already begun. This is in order that Sabbatai will send evil forces expelled from the country, while Japan and South Korea to prevent a new nuclear terror and to, and is said to be the US and China government also includes the intention of the inter-Korean peace plan unity of purpose.

[Great Purge Sabbatai faction]
Just last week, from a few incidents can be seen close relationship between the United States and China. In any event, it does not appear the US government predicted farce bankruptcy due to debt caused by non-performance, but successfully for the new budget was adopted at the parliament. And, at the same time, some US Treasury bonds held by the Chinese government regarding a new high is disclosed in US Treasury website. In short, the Obama administration blindly obey Chinese government The results of the intention is for the continuation of China and the United States this AG provided funding (both bought US Treasuries).

Affected by this situation, it is expected to accelerate in the United States Anti-old system will send Group Sabbatai send evil forces of cleaning. Of course, as the role of politicians in Japan under its power under bribery of slavery it may also be excluded in a certain time, or be deemed also worth reading the script is updated.

In Europe, the evil forces of Sabbatai school cleaning sign is the formation of a “big expose child sex network” form and wantonly started. In the UK, there are members of Congress involved, including exposure and arrest of juvenile sexual abuse continues, according to a national newspaper Express, said police authorities in the UK, has been raided MPs juvenile sexual violence and other evidence of image.
In the article, also reported that already conscious that their behavior was photographed members, is expected to be coerced and forced to surrender to the camera toward the other side said “OK, I will follow what you say is on the parliamentary vote. “The attitude has been photographed.

MI5 sources said, “In recent years, continued to search the child sex networks, to develop the final estimate including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, including a big man’s capture,” while Queen Elizabeth has also started a little bit to Charles and William make right, and ready to abdicate and other things have also been published.

Also at the Vatican, washing child sex networks are internal expansion, which two years have been more than 400 people have been lifted priest’s office.

In addition, the delegation was sent to the Vatican last week in Geneva, Switzerland · United Nations Children’s group has also been related to the Group’s promised protection after the relevant on the issue of sexual abuse of minors rigorous public examination decades to purify it organization. Matter by Reuters and other media widely spread in the world. [near] East change in the Near East, also changes carry on. Gulf Cooperation meeting last week (in the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf regional cooperation body) sent a mission to China, affected Sunni Islam and Shia Islam are also due to begin towards the end of the old opinionated and lead break direction. Following this, the peripheral countries isolated by Shiite Iran is the Israeli government and the Palestinian peace issue to invite the Commission to determine, and holds hegemony in the Near East region Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to visit Iran. E2% 80% 93-with-Kerry% E2% 80% 99s-approval

In addition, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan exempt 350 police officers to do in the last issue has been introduced in the Sabbatai send evil forces struggle for power, and in the last week, there are 20 special prosecutorial offices search Department of Personnel to be cleaned again. As a result, Sabbatai send evil forces will be there from its relations because Turkey縁expelled.
Further, for Sabbatai send evil forces who are not interesting, another big move, that is deployed worldwide trend of legalizing marijuana.
Uruguay and the United States being in Colorado, Washington and other places of influence of cannabis was legalized, other countries or states also appeared to lift the ban or explore this sign.
For this reason, in the past by illegal drug money-laundering transactions and make a lot of money large banks refused money transaction processing marijuana has become legal to resist.

As described above, by far the world’s knowledge is undergoing rapid change, in the middle, leaving future problem is that Washington DC and surviving in the political system of corruption slaves working part of those in power in Japan, Europe, the The total shift.
It revealed the above upper echelon of the Vatican Bank re-group and child sex networks, as well as changes in the structure due to domination in the Middle East caused oil resources and so on, it is its precursor.

If Henry Kissinger and Tony Blair, George Bush Sr. and Jr., Junichiro Koizumi, was arrested and other television news coverage can be, it is that human beings long nightmare painted on the period of proof. Perhaps that day is not so far away.

Iraq P2 Masonic ro ッ ji news, “new institutional faction Vatican bank are intended to use bribes account information in the past, the strong push heads of governments, including Japan, is committed to world peace and development.”

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