Sabbatai send evil forces against Zionism international forces launched a general offensive continues

“2014/01/13 VOL254”
If you look at the surface of the news, may make people feel maintain a stalemate between the old school and the new institutional school system, but privately the parties in the fierce world of action continues.
Got the news last week from Gnosticism (Gnosis) returning to the people there, I heard a kind of “central bank system to end folk around the world and soon transition to a new financial system, can only attack the core aspects of the old system” of idea. As previously stated, they even nuclear attack also included a vision. As to the specific location of the attack did not want to tell me, however, from the previous view of their words and deeds, the Tel Aviv BIS headquarters in Switzerland or Israel, Tokyo, Washington DC some places. The high possibility as a target.
In addition, the Pentagon and the CIA and other US authorities who said that 311 of the 911 terrorist attacks and terrorist incidents supporters arrest drama still staged. However, the decisive blow for the end of the old system has been unable to issue a cadre member of the US authorities, who in frustration exacerbated increasing. Therefore, in the United States is high, such as when the Berlin Wall fell, as a new era of open breach caused the sudden change possibilities.
Changes in Europe and the United States
last week, one of the next Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush · Nazi camp supported, of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie related scandal, the media gave extensive coverage.
Last September, his cronies indication of the city’s main road traffic department traffic control, but is said to be conscious of the traffic jam caused by four days. This is a problem around the New Jersey gubernatorial elections held in November last year, retaliation does not indicate support for Democratic Party mayor elected governor of the state Christie Fort Lee city conducted.
Traffic regulation is targeted at the road in New Jersey, Fort Lee city, which is connected to New Jersey and New York’s main artery, highway chaos and called for the nation’s first traffic trunk road connected the George Washington Bridge, the occurrence of which resulting in traffic between Manhattan · New Jersey is almost paralyzed.
The overheated scandal reported, it is estimated that in order to allow Christie’s discredited by the media presentation and an activity bar. At the same time, we can not deny the blockade of the main road itself is a New York-based Wall Street and big media companies to create “throw in the towel as soon as possible if it does not, it will be blocked in New York,” the pressure.
On the other hand, in California, the US military cadres source said, “for being Sabbatai send Zionism forces bribery Senate · House of Commons lawmakers, as well as Supreme Court judges arrest drama, the Pentagon’s army is waiting Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, the timing of the underground facilities “and then there is the US military cadres also said,” When the assault, Sabbatai send 911 terrorist incidents and 311 terrorist attacks made ​​the evil forces, the Third World War the fact that the outbreak of the plans, etc., will be the television coverage days of the United States. ”
In addition, outside the United States to overthrow the world the old system of movement is expanding. Where a is the work of Sabbatai send puppet Zionism person (Zionist) forces, French President Francois Hollande conducted.
First, President欧朗德farce intended to criticize Israel as a “Jewish discrimination” and ban the occasion, contrary to the farce rising popularity, the results become the object of attention. French authorities, the sources said, which is to prepare for the launch of the national mass demonstrations made ​​by the use of the media is a part of their work. And recently, he has been booed French media reports about Hollande lover and so are the big national newspapers reported it.
The purpose of this work group is arranged, it is said that to the end of the Rothschilds and other Sabbatai send the evil forces of the French domination. The same sources said, “accompanying this year’s estimated that you will see a lot of French domestic chaos.”
Of course, in Italy and Spain, Greece and so on, citizens dissatisfied with the existing system of procession continued. And Britain has privately decided to keep their distance from the European Union to guard Britain’s independence.
Changes in the Middle East
Further, in the Middle East, to Sabbatai send Zionism forces attack is accelerating.
In Turkey, the media in the new year has just published the “internal and external forces that impact an attempt to reduce the government credit for part of the police and judicial internal stakeholders is planning a” mini coup “” opinion, the country’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan immediately against the action to take action against the decree issued in seven days, the dismissal of 350 police officers, even declared Sabbatai school work because Zionism forces before military cadres to step down to make a comeback.
In Syria, successfully expelled from the domestic forces of Zionism manipulated “Islam Guoji Pai.”They were expelled from Syria in the transfer to Iraq now and still put up resistance. But Iran has already begun and military cooperation to proceed to the expulsion of the “Islamic Guoji Pai” and co-operations.
Even in most of the Middle East, the population of Egypt, subversion to Sabbatai send Zionism puppet forces of the Muslim Brotherhood group Mursi regime for the sector, “Islamic Guoji Pai” cleansing has largely ended. As a result, the Middle East hegemony completely transferred from Sabbatai base camp location United States to Russia, and Saudi Arabia national government in order to survive, has paid called “assistance” turned over to the new Egyptian government rely on Russia gold.
Neighboring countries affected by the situation, the Israeli government began to seriously long been stalled peace talks with the Palestinians. This is because as Israel’s largest sponsor, the forces of Zionism slaves United States of America, began to participate in the complete change over to the forces of Zionism cleaning. The Government of Israel has gradually disillusioned and neighboring countries in addition to peace negotiations outside, so that no other country can continue to survive.
As described above, Sabbatai send Zionism total attack international forces forward the development of the final situation. The Emancipation countries Japan and South Korea and other Zionism forces have also been close. According to Japan’s National Police Agency cadres it said that in Japan, secretly, police authorities have begun to prepare for the follow Sabbatai faction Prime Minister Abe to suspect elections were unfair criminal prosecution. However, weakness in the Japanese authorities seem to look forward to first change the power structure in the United States. Moreover, South Korea forces respect as well. Last week was also informed that a number of other very important information, but has not been allowed to open. However, based on this information, it seems that the world can be sure that a revolution is not far off.

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