The following is a description of the new readers:

The new report on international economic and political element analysis of new readers every week background note
the report authors ancient trail named Benjamin. Since 1985 he has been focused on in Japan gather first-hand information and convey news to the world. He was Japanese Economic News reporter, SCMP Tokyo correspondent, Forbes magazine Asia-Pacific bureau chief, publishing more than 30 books published in Japanese, is a Japanese born in Canada.
The new international economic and political weekly newspaper element analysis is around to compete against the decision of the world’s future in order to perform and publish weekly updates. The world’s governments and international organizations to participate in this competition for both the visible surface, there are secret societies and national staff agencies.
Participate in this contention, on the surface of the BRICS alliance of international and subordinate G7 countries. But behind it is a more complex across the border battle has continued. Behind conducted numerous competing groups, some of which are as follows:
Long known as the royal family’s Asian alliance
to help green and red
Bailong association
of modern Britain and the British Empire Masonic
Nordic Thule Society (Thule Society) and its sister association Skull and Bones Society
placed P2 Masonic modern papal above the
modern Masonic France
launched the French Revolution, the American Revolution and the Russian Revolution of anti-vaccination of the association? The Gnosis send Illuminati, there will be many countries in Europe and central bank system as their own family and some evil Sabbatai send evil forces. The evil forces trying to provoke a third world war plan to reduce 90 percent of the world’s population. And to raise funds in Europe and many other countries will be balanced for the return of national equality order again, let alone to decide the future of humanity will start to overthrow the footsteps of the evil forces of this family struggles underway.
The newly reported weekly international economic and political element analysis of this situation is precisely described.

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